West Highland Way Accomodation

The variety of accommodation on the West Highland Way includes camping, bed & breakfast, hostels, and hotels.

Free camping is allowed throughout Scotland, with certain restrictions within nature parks, and Loch Lomond is, so if you want more information about free camping, you can check out the Scottish Outdoor Access Code website.

Accommodation is best booked in advance, as it is not very plentiful, and may require you to make certain journeys by public transport along the route. Below are a few, with a brief comment on the places I stayed.


I didn’t sleep there, because I spent a few days in Glasgow, I got to Milngavie in the morning to start walking.


The Drymen Inn

Highly recommended. As I mentioned in the entry on day 2, the whole team was very friendly and nice. The room was large and comfortable, the place cozy, and both dinner and breakfast were especially good. In addition, they have an area to hang out, where I was all afternoon, with sofas and tables, which is also appreciated for not having to be locked in the room.


Rowardenan Youth Hostel

Youth Hostels in Scotland are usually mandatory hostels. And this is no exception. The building is really beautiful, but the environment is unbeatable. The facilities are comfortable and adequate, and the food is very good. And besides, it has a hostel atmosphere (this does not mean parties, but a lot of communication between the guests).


Ardlui Hotel & Leisure

In Inverarnan I found nothing, so I stayed in Ardlui. And as the hotel part was already full, I finally had to sleep in a bothy. The problem is that they are far from the restaurant, the services and everything. In addition, mattresses are very thin, compared to sleeping in a tent should be a luxury, but with a normal bed can not stand any comparison. If they haven’t improved the bothies ’environment, I don’t recommend it at all. About the hotel, I can only tell you that the breakfast was good.


Ben More Lodge

Simply fantastic. It has it everything. The wooden huts, fully equipped and very cozy, the classic bar and restaurant, with live music and a huge fireplace, friendly and pleasant staff, and a beautiful environment. If you spend the night in Crianlarich, it should be the first choice. Of course, you will have to walk a bit because it is a bit far from the village.

Glenardran House

Bed & Breakfast with bath in the room, at least the one I had. That alone deserves the 5 stars. In addition to a bathtub, the rooms are large and cozy, the beds comfortable, and the decor is totally Scottish. Breakfast is very good, and both Rod and Andrea are attentive, friendly and nice.

Bridge of Orchy


As I comment on my story, I spent 4 nights in Crianlarich, and the next ones were already in Fort William.



As I comment on my story, I spent 4 nights in Crianlarich, and the next ones were already in Fort William.



As I comment on my story, I spent 4 nights in Crianlarich, and the next ones were already in Fort William.

Fort William

Cruachan Hotel

I chose this hotel for the building, which I find magnificent. It offers what you would expect from a hotel like this: large, comfortable and cozy rooms, a good breakfast, good service, and a tandoori chicken that made you cry so much it stung.

Because accommodation offer in Fort William is very extensive, I leave you here a Booking search, which we will all finish soon 🙂


What is it

If you want to know what the West Highland Way is, here I tell you: the places where it happens, the stages, the accommodations, and the transport.

The recommended 8 stages

The most common division of the West Highland Way is the eight-stage division, but it is possible to do so with more or less days, depending on the state of fitness of each one.


Accommodation along the West Highland is rather scarce. Fortunately, camping is free in most stages, and there is always public transport at the start or end of every stage.


The public transport network allows us to connect the beginning and the finish of the West Highland Way with Glasgow, as well as to move between the start and the end of most stages.