The West Highland Way

Photo gallery

An unforgettable path

The beauty of the West Highland Way is evident in every step hikers take. I hope some following photos reflect that, albeit minimally. And I take this opportunity to remind you that the best way to enjoy the West Highland Way is to walk it.

What is it

If you want to know what the West Highland Way is, here I tell you: the places where it happens, the stages, the accommodations, and the transport.

The recommended 8 stages

The most common division of the West Highland Way is the eight-stage division, but it is possible to do so with more or less days, depending on the state of fitness of each one.


Accommodation along the West Highland is rather scarce. Fortunately, camping is free in most stages, and there is always public transport at the
start or end of every stage.


The public transport network allows us to connect the beginning and the finish of the West Highland Way with Glasgow, as well as to move between the start and the end of most stages.