The West Highland Way

Walking by most beautiful places of Scotland

One of the most impressive hiking routes in the world.

Discover why, every year, thousands of hikers arrive in Milngavie to start the West Highland Way.

What is the West Highland Way

The recommended 8 stages

The most common division of the West Highland Way is the eight-stage division, but it is possible to do so with more or less days, depending on the state of fitness of each one.


Accommodation along the West Highland is rather scarce. Fortunately, camping is free in most stages, and there is always public transport at the start or end of every stage.


The public transport network allows us to connect the beginning and the finish of the West Highland Way with Glasgow, as well as to move between the start and the end of most stages.

My experience

In 2015, I was lucky to be able to enjoy this wonderful walking route that is the West Highland Way.

Here you can find the travel diary I wrote during those eight stages that ended up being 9.

You will find reflections and personal experiences, but also the explanation of how and where the stage runs, as well as a map and profile in GPX format, which can be of more help to you.

Creuant el riu Fillan · West Highland Way

An experience that began in Glasgow and ended in Edinburgh



In a finite, limited and always short system, such as holidays, Glasgow is the victim. And not because of his demerit, but because with Edinburgh 50 miles away, few cities have anything to do with it. People have a habit of not recommending it, of saying that in Scotland there are better places to visit. Let me disagree.


A trip to Scotland cannot end without stepping on Edinburgh. At least, if I make the trip. And if you are the one who travels, you would do well to follow my example.